To be leaders in the logistics business providing reliable services, of quality, with social responsibility, trough featured human resources and a solid global representation, to customers that are working in the field of foreign trade of Bolivia.


To provide integrated logistic services of the highest quality with competitive prices, for customer with operations in the international trade, supported by a solid global representation, featured human resources, within a framework of ethics and social responsibility.


Excellence. Providing quality service to internal and external clients
Perform the work efficiently, using the best practices available in the market.

Honesty. Give the promised service to clients according to best practices.
Provide real and accurate information to client.
Customer service staff will act with honesty and integrity seeking to ensure an environment of confidence in the company and with whom associate with it.

Confidentiality. Executives and staff REMAC Cargo SRL, keep absolute reserve about information of the company and the information provided by clients, suppliers and others.

Equality. Adequately remunerate the work of employees. REMAC Cargo´s staff must act impartially, without race discrimination, religion, nationality, gender, disabilities or age.

Creativity. Act with an entrepreneurial attitude to improve the service continuously.
Provide innovative solutions to clients.

Teamwork. REMAC Cargo S.R.L.staff will coordinated and integrated efforts among several people in one area, from different areas and its regional offices to achieve the results required by the company in the context of respect.